Introducing Listings API +


Over the past few months, the Onboard team has been has been working hard at advancing our technology into a local data platform. Recent innovations including Neighborhood Boundary updates, being one of the first RLS IDX suppliers to include New York City MLSs, and debuting out Listings Search Engine 1.2 API, have all been strides towards our mission to constantly evolve the technology around local data. Meet the Listings API +, the first standardized way of integrating IDX data in real-time.

The Listings API + is equipped to uniformly support and provide real-time access to over 100 MLS feeds  by utilizing the RESO Web API 1.0.1 and the RESO Data Dictionary 1.3 standards. The Listings API + also offers 25+ highly advanced search capabilities and high quality photo integration, among other features. As the first API to standardize and integrate IDX data in real-time, the Listings API+ allows vendors, developers, and MLSs to manage local data seamlessly.

For vendors, the Listings API + functions as a single source for all your local data needs. It enables you to obtain the data you need to power your business from one, centralized resource, meaning you can stop spending energy sourcing data from various data providers and focus instead on innovations that will drive revenue to your business.

For  developers, the Listings API +’s standardized platform equates to easier integrations for your future applications so you can bypass the headaches often associated with local data implementation. Additionally, the Listings API + has pre-integrations for .Net, Android and other environments so it's adaptable to your current development projects.

For MLSs, the Listings API + translates to greater data security, transparency, and accuracy. You no longer need to send your data out where you have less control over it. The Listings API + enables you to monitor where your data is, who is seeing it, and where it is going. Plus you can now offer your members, vendors and business partners real-time access to your data, resulting in a new level of confidence that your data is represented accurately in the market.

The Listings API + is the management tool many of us in today’s real estate industry have been looking for, and the Onboard team is proud to share a demo of this technology with you today. Sign up to see all the Listings API + has to offer at our Listings API + registration page.