Inside Onboard: Meet Olga Cisneros


How well do you know the team behind the scenes of content delivery and implementation to top real estate, publishing, and technology companies? In the Inside Onboard series, you will get to know our specialists and more about how we are working to innovate on behalf of our clients.

Up next is our wonderful, California native MLS Coordinator, Olga Cisneros.  Read on to find out how she would channel her inner 'Ferris Bueller' and what she means by Oligarbasil.

OB: So let's get to the bottom line. Which state are you really loyal to? If you were stuck in a car for an hour with only one song on repeat, which one would it be: California Girls or Empire State of Mind? OC: Being that I've lived in New York less than one year, I'm most definitely loyal to California. I guess my preferred song depends on which California Girls version you're referring to. Is it the quintessential Beach Boys version, the David Lee Roth version or Katy Perry's California Gurls version? There's nothing quite like driving on PCH listening to the Beach Boys, so I'll have to go with that.

OB: If the FDA selected you to create a new food group, what would it be? OC: My ideal food group would consist of grilled or sauteed veggies slathered with olive oil, garlic, and basil. It would be on the bottom of the food pyramid and would be called Oligarbasil.

OB: What is the value of the MLS Department at Onboard? OC: The MLS Department is the liaison between our clients and MLSs throughout the country. My department is who gives our clients and their clients access to data, which essentially is our industry.

OB: What makes Onboard a different environment from everywhere else you've worked? OC: Onboard's company culture is what makes it an awesome place to work. The fact that ESPN was on in the lounge when I interviewed was a huge factor on why I choose Onboard. Everyone is pretty laid back but we are results driven, we get the job done, and we have fun doing it.

OB: (Not implying that this has been done or will be, but) If you could play hookie and pull a Ferris Bueller, what would your day off entail? OC: Hands down the best hookie days are spent at the beach. Activities would entail water sports, kite flying, sun-bathing, with tons of food and drinks in between.

Or I would hang out at home watching an I Love Lucy marathon.

OB: What Onboard product do you enjoy the most? OC: My favorite Onboard product is the "Best Places" list. I have always loved reading these types of list because I like seeing how different, yet the same, cities throughout the country are.