Inside Onboard: Meet Jacek Rolnik


How well do you know the team behind the scenes of content delivery and implementation to top real estate, publishing, and technology companies? In the Inside Onboard series, you will get to know our specialists and more about how we are working to innovate on behalf of our clients. Next up is Jacek Rolnik, Relationship Manager. Read on to learn what Jacek feels is missing from real estate search - and why coast-trotting, coffee, and sarcasm are his necessities.

OB: As someone who has lived a bicoastal life for work and play, would you say the East or West does it better? JR: Well, that depends on what the "it" is, doesn't it? Actually, I struggle with this one often. I love life in Northern California, but I'm also a New Yorker at heart. It's really not an easy question to answer - and my answer will typically depend on my mood and where I am at the moment (when in New York, I miss California. When in California, I miss New York).  C'est la vie. As I get older I realize that there's really only one solution for me; dual residency. I take comfort in that.

OB: What is your role at Onboard and what types of clients do you work with? JR: I manage some of our largest and oldest partnerships and work closely with those clients to ensure that they derive as much value as possible from our product/service offering - and that they end up with the best possible implementation (based on their business needs and objectives). My portfolio runs the gamut from prominent real estate Web portals to more traditional brokerages to publishers/media conglomerates - and everything in between.

OB: What is something people may be surprised to learn about you? JR: I think many would be shocked to learn that I'm an only child. Um, I obtained a private pilot certification at age 16.  That's pretty cool, I think.

OB: What is the most important thing to pay attention to while examining your clients' business needs? JR: Actually, I think the answer's in the question: pay attention. My approach - and I think Onboard's approach, as a whole - is to really hear our clients out and truly understand their unique business challenges and goals before recommending any solution. We work with clients of varying shapes and sizes, so it's critical that we understand what kind of environment they operate in, what they're trying to accomplish, etc., and then provide the most appropriate guidance and product/service offering. It's equally crucial for me to stay on top of real estate and technology industry trends and news.

OB: What is something you can't live without as part of your daily routine? JR: Coffee, reading, some form of exercise and sarcasm. My day is not complete without all four.

OB: What is missing from real estate search today? JR: By and large, I think the real estate search experience hasn't really changed much over the past decade or so.  We all know that there's more to a home search than city, beds, baths and price. Yet that's the extent of what the vast majority of Web sites offer today! This lacks the human element - for example, what's the surrounding community like?  Are there amenities nearby?  How are the schools in the area? How convenient is this house in terms of my daily commute, to my lifestyle, etc. Luckily, we're changing this experience with our Lifestyle Search Engine product.

OB: What makes Onboard unique? JR: I think what makes our company unique is the people that work here. We have some incredibly smart, interesting and experienced individuals on our team - from very different walks of life. And I think each one of us brings something invaluable to the table - to the collective. I've learned a great deal just by virtue of being surrounded by such a sharp and dynamic group. And we have loads of fun working together - that's key.