Inside Onboard: Meet Emily Oravecz


You've now heard several stories from the front lines of our business. This month it's time to shift gears to hear from part of our production team - the minds behind lifestyle search and other development projects. Meet Emily Oravecz, Project Manager with many nicknames who is invaluable in project planning and keeping "The Pit" in order.

OB: Tell us a little bit about where you are from and where you live now. EO: I was born in Northeast Ohio, but grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and consider it my hometown. I attended college in Cleveland and lived/worked there for a few years after college before moving to the NYC area about 4 ½ years ago. I lived in NJ for my first few years here, but I’ve since moved into Manhattan within the past year.

OB: What is your role at Onboard and what is a typical day like? EO: I am a project manager at Onboard so my role involves creating and maintaining project plans, managing the project schedules and budgets, keeping stakeholders informed of status and risk on projects, etc. A typical day also involves working with and coordinating projects with our software and database development teams.

OB: What are some differences between your hometown and your new home? EO: One big difference is definitely transportation. I got rid of my car and now rely solely on public transportation and walking. It’s a really big change when you are used to driving everywhere. But you really don’t need a car in this city. Also in New York, obviously there are just so many more people; this city just has this energy that it really inspiring. I love where I am from and love going back to visit, but I’m really happy with my decision to move to New York. OB: Any memorable Onboard stories you'd like to share? EO: Being a part of the Onboard Bowling Team “Big Pinpin” through ZogSports this past summer was definitely memorable. The first season in early summer, we did not make it to the playoffs. The second season in late summer however, we somehow managed to pull through to make it to the playoffs. The night of the playoff games, we played the initial round. If you won the initial round, you went on to the final championship match. The team we were matched against was a good competitor. I think it was pretty even for the beginning of the game, but we magically got this wave of energy. Strikes, spares, right in a row, everyone was on fire. We all pulled together, it was really exciting and we ended up winning and going to the championship. We didn’t win the final round, but 2nd place isn’t bad. We still made money for our charity of choice, ASPCA. OB: What is your favorite New York City memory? EO: One that comes to mind is this past summer; I attended a show with a friend at the Williamsburg Waterfront. About 5 songs in, the band had to stop playing because a horrible electrical storm was coming and since it was an outside venue, it was deemed unsafe to continue. Totally disappointed (I’d been wanting to see the band for years and never had the opportunity), and now starting to get soaked by the rain that started, we ran to get back to the L train to take us back to Manhattan. We were not the only people with this idea and the subway station was pretty crowded. When I got to the platform to wait for the train, there was this band of three young guys playing these really fun, upbeat songs with a guitar, drums and a saxophone. Everyone was soaked from the rain, disappointed from the show being canceled and here was this awesome little band playing on the platform, giving everyone this energy. Everyone started dancing and it was just a great thing to see and be a part of. Small little experiences like that make me love New York.

OB: What makes Onboard unique? EO: Well, when I first started at Onboard in July of 2006, I think there were only about 14 of us at that time. On Halloween, we had a costume party. Mostly everyone dressed up and since it was unusually nice for a day in late October, a bunch of us went to lunch on Stone St, nearby our office. If you aren’t familiar, in the summertime, restaurants on Stone St have tables outside on the street where you can eat & enjoy the nice weather. So here we are, a bunch of Onboarders, dressed up as anything from Magnum P.I. to Frida Kahlo, sitting in a big table, surrounded by a bunch of people in suits from various banks and Wall St companies. If I wasn’t sure before then that the company I was now working for was different, I saw it then - in a good way. We certainly have a lot of characters here and we have a lot fun. But we work hard as well. It’s that interesting mix that makes us unique.