Inside Onboard: Meet Colleen Staunton


OB: First things first: we have to ask a native Buffalonian (definitely had to Google that one...) what the scoop is with the wings. If I'm ever stranded along Lake Erie, where is the best bet for wings? CS: I'm not sure there really is one place to go for the best wings. There are so many local restaurants and pubs where you can come away happy. That being said, my suggestion would be Gabriel's Gate or Duff's. I recommend going to the Anchor Bar for the ambiance and because it's the birthplace of the wing but there are other places to find better quality.

OB: Are they really better in Buffalo? CS: Absolutely better. I personally tend to stay away from wings when ordering outside of the Western New York because I know I will be disappointed. Fortunately, there are a enough transplanted Buffalonians everywhere that finding a place that really knows how to make them is not too difficult. Wings (not Buffalo Wings) in Buffalo are typically made with real hot sauce, crispier and meatier.

OB: Since our products are utilized by several industries - all with different life cycles and hot buttons - do you find it challenging to manage applicability and industry forecasting? CS: It's not challenging at all. Part of the product development lifecycle is identifying the target markets and buyers. It really goes back to looking at a company's problems to better understand if there is a way we can help them solve that problem. Our product portfolio is such that we have products and solutions that can work in a number of different industries. The great part is realizing that we can diversify our client base, and increase our revenue potential, within our existing product portfolio.

OB: Your favorite part of the day-to-day at Onboard? CS: My favorite thing about the day-to-day is that it’s never the same, which I’m sure many of coworkers can attest to.  That’s the great thing about working for a small company, it may be hectic but it’s never boring.  My daily tasks can include speaking with client or prospects, trouble shooting problems that a client is having or that we found in one of our products, doing market research, putting together requirements, working on strategy with other members at Onboard and anything else that might occur.  Even though there are so many things going on at the same time everyone here at Onboard really looks to help one another.  If something needs to get done right away everyone is willing to go out of their way to make sure the problem is solved.

OB: What are you going to do to torture Marc and JB when the Bills win the Superbowl one day? CS: Well, since this will likely never happen in my lifetime I'm not sure I need to worry about that ;). I'll have to keep any antics secret in case that scenario does come up, although I'm not sure whatever I tried would be too much torture since the Giants have won recently and the Jets, well....Buffalo will still get made fun of but that's ok because us Buffalonians are used to it!

OB: What is one underutilized part of Onboard's product portfolio? CS: As a company we have talked a lot lately about our Lifestyle Search Engine and the Listings Search Engine (which are cutting edge products) but there is a whole other part of our product portfolio that can service not only potential clients but current clients as well. One example of this is our Property Search Engine, which includes Recent Home Sales and an Automated Valuation Model (AVM).  Both of these products can be used to provide consumers valuable information about a market.  Consumers are looking for this information and if you don’t have it on your site they will go elsewhere to find it.