Inside Onboard: Meet Charlie Panoff


How well do you know the team behind the scenes of content delivery and implementation to top real estate, publishing, and technology companies? In the Inside Onboard series, you will get to know our specialists and more about how we are working to innovate on behalf of our clients. Next up is Manhattan native and bowtie connoisseur, Charlie Panoff.

OB: I would normally start off asking where you're from and where you live now, but those are one in the same. How do you see your city now versus then? CP: I honestly do not see that much of a difference in New York other than rising prices for everything. Take candy for instance. I remember being able to buy two candy bars for a dollar as a kid and now each bar cost a dollar. A 100% increase in less than 20 years is gigantic.  I did spend a little over a year in Charlotte, NC recently and even though Charlotte is a great place, it solidified that New York City is where I would like to be.

OB: What does your role at Onboard entail? CP: My role is to sell our data services and all of the products we have created from our data.

OB: Okay, so tell us about the bowties. CP: I have been wearing ties either to work or school since first grade and somewhere along the line I started to mix in bow ties.  They are easier to tie, easier to carry in a pocket if you need to dress down throughout the day and they never get in the way while being worn.  People always remember me as "The Bow Tie Guy" good or bad, I am always remembered.

OB: What is the most interesting aspect of working in the real estate technology space? CP: The variety of Onboard’s products and how every call is vastly different from the next keeps my days interesting and busy.

OB: What is the best part of working in Downtown Manhattan? CP: Every day I have the opportunity to walk past some of the most historically interesting places in New York City.   From Castle Clinton (where my ancestors entered this country in the mid 1800’s before Ellis Island) to Fraunces Tavern (Where Gen. George Washington bid farewell to the officers of the Continental Army) – just to name a couple.

OB: What would you like to see the industry do next with Lifestyle Search? CP: I would like the industry as a whole to understand what a true Lifestyle Based Search is and everything it is capable of.  Contact me for a demo and I will explain… ;-)