The Innovative Power of Feedback


Fage Greek yogurt, Diet Pepsi, Lean Cuisine, JetBlue, Birchbox and PopSecret. What do all of these brands have in common? At some point in my life, I've either written them a letter or emailed them because I found an issue with their product. "Why waste your time", you ask? Well, I learned it from my mom. According to the great lore of my family, one time when my mom was young, she found a dead moth in a can of soup. This grosses me out to no end; I cannot imagine finding an insect in a can of soup these days! However, as the story goes, my grandpa, while licking his lips and rubbing his hands together, said "Time to get out the typewriter!". Together they wrote to the soup company and my mom signed her name. The tradition was set. Ever since then, whenever she (and then as her kids were born - we) had a problem with a product, never fear! That company would soon get their letter.  Eggs went bad before their expiration date? Write a letter! All the cookies were broken? Write a letter! It was never mean or long. It just explained what the issue was and what had disappointed us.

We would always get a nice response back, no matter the company, thanking us for helping them improve their products. Sometimes they'd give us a refund, sometimes a coupon, sometimes a replacement bag of cookies (which I did not mind at all). I learned from my mom to reach out to companies, to let them know the experience I had with them and to help them improve. Every time I reached out to any of the brands I've mentioned, I've had a great response. Plus it makes the customer feel valued and assures them that their voice was heard.

Now I'm looking at things from the other side of the coin - from the company point of view as opposed to the consumer. I understand how valuable feedback from clients can be and how it helps companies succeed and improve. Being Project Manager at Onboard and working so closely with our relationship managers, product support team and implementation folks and then also with our development teams who actually build the enhancements, bug fixes (no moths, don't worry) and new products, I know first-hand the kinds of improvements Onboard is making. Feedback from our clients is a highly respected item that helps fill up our project backlog and is always prioritized to be worked on. For example, feedback from one of our clients helped inspire a recent AVM match rate increase. We also have other innovations in progress as well as we are always improving our data. But the best thing for clients to do is to keep the feedback coming. "Write a letter!", as my mom would say. But you don't even need a stamp. We'd love to hear from you either through our main site or email.