Increase site traffic by boosting your rank in organic search with Onboard Simplicity


Welcome to the power of Simplicity, Onboard’s new local information platform.  For the first time, Onboard will offer local property information on a national scale from a single access point.  This includes:

  • 155 Million Properties Nationwide
  • 12 million geographic areas
  • 1 billion historical valuations for the past year
  • 50 million historical home sales
  • 100+ million assessments and tax records
  • Detailed property characteristics (building, lot, utilities) for all types of properties
  • 10 years sales history
  • Property Tax and Deed information
  • 90 million properties with valuations

What you can do with this data is powerful.  For starters, you can use this platform to create pages that will boost your rank in organic search.  By building unique property landing pages, businesses of all sizes can compete with national players in that key metric - organic search.

Here’s how you create the pages:

1.  Head to Onboard Simplicity and make a RESTful API request for property data. Requests can be made by property (address, lat/long, IDs), geography (Place, Zip Code, Neighborhood, etc…) or map based (point/radius, polygon).

Image 1 for Ira post

2.  Simply display the results, returned in JSON, into your own user experience/interface.  We’ve already cleaned, corrected and standardized the data for you.

Ira post page 2

3)  Each page can be crosslinked to each other by the interrelationships of our geographies.  This will create strong site network for web crawlers to spider through your site.  Also improving your position as a local subject matter expert to the search engines.

The more pages you have associated with your domain, the larger footprint you’ll have with more overall links and PageRank, which will directly impact your rankings in major search engines like Google.

Property landing pages are an easy way to boost organic search and with the additional information coming from Simplicity - like sales trends and historical data - you can input cool tools to these pages like valuation models which will further generate unique content for your overall site.

But more to come on that.  Next week, we’ll discuss how to create geographic landing pages and how these pages will help you and your clients.

Ready to try Onboard Simplicity?   Head to our labs at

Reach out with questions.

Happy coding.