Increase Online Lead Conversion in Real Estate


[embedvideo id="FPO8G8Nwnas" website="youtube"]In our latest Webinar, our Director of Marketing Erin Gilbert took a look at what it takes to increase online lead generation and conversion.

It's no surprise that referrals are the most common (and best) type of lead. But interestingly and importantly when it comes to more active lead generation we found that online (email, website, advertisements) produce over 10 times the leads that traditional (print or direct mail) offer.

We realized that out of every 100 visitors, only 1 of them will fill out a lead capture form. Out of every 100 people who fill out the form, only one of them will close. In our Webinar, Erin discusses how to increase that, and how to benefit from the 99% of leads that don't close immediately.