How is square footage determined in Onboard's Home Sales Data?


faq Background: A client wrote in regarding the square footage of a property. They were concerned because our data had one value while other data sources displayed another, causing them to question the validity of our data.

Question: How is square footage determined in Onboard’s Home Sales Data?

Answer:The square footage as well as other characteristics of a property is derived from public sales records. In regards to square footage specifically, Onboard's goal is to provide the most universally applicable value so that our national product is consistent from zip to zip, county to county, and state to state. Since on a national basis gross square feet is populated substantially more often than any other square footage (i.e. living square feet) that is how we’ve prioritized the population of this element in our product.

Several other data providers allow for their end users to make adjustments to property information found on their website which can be one explanation for differing values. It is important to note that Onboard’s data is not available to be altered externally by end users. This is to ensure Onboard maintains its reputation as a reliable data source. That being said, we value our client’s feedback and continue to encourage them to notify us of any possible errors that they may find. We investigate and verify each issue that comes across our desks and will make changes when necessary.

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