Haus Offers a New Level of Flexibility to Home Search


When I first moved to New York from Seattle I knew no one and hadn’t visited many neighborhoods.  I couldn’t afford much, but wanted a hood that was relatively quiet, had a short commute to midtown, and was pet-friendly for my 6-month-old mutt. I searched through Brooklyn and Manhattan and ended up in an area and an apartment I put up with, but didn’t love.

If only Haus was around.  Haus recently launched a cloud-based real estate site in the LA market.  The site is designed for the modern consumer and gives them more flexibility in how they search for their next property.   The site allows search by recent listings, neighborhoods, style of homes, or the type of community.  Visitors can look for areas that are family friendly, have good schools, or even easy access to a golf course.

As a visitor, you can customize your search based on what’s most important to you.  “I wanted to reinvent the traditional home search and make it more holistic by personalizing it beyond the tangible, physical characteristics of the house,” said Avantika Shahi, Haus Founder and CEO.  Haus is designing their site on the belief that a home is more than just the physical structure.  The area you live in determines the quality of life you’ll have in your new home.

Location is also important when looking at real estate as an investment.  According to a recent US News Report, location is the number one thing that determines resell value.  What makes a good location according to the article are things like the quality of schools, nearby attractions and amenities, and “whether the area has a strong sense of community.”   Haus was able to utilize the technology provided by Onboard to allow users to find a location that meets these types of requirements.

The Lifestyle API at Onboard was launched so users could search based on specific lifestyle attributes rather than just the more traditional site criteria of price and number of bedrooms.   This technology enables companies like Haus to offer a more compelling and unique online experience.

Eventually, I found a neighborhood in New York I love.  I don’t pay a lot in rent, the owners of the bodega know how much milk I like in my coffee, and I’m less than a block to Central Park, which my dog treats as his backyard.  It took a bit of trial and error however, to find an area I was comfortable in.  With the technology of the Lifesyle API and the creativity of companies like Haus, my search would have been a lot faster and easier.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Lifestyle API, contact us today.