How to Harness the Power of Zillow


There’s a force you must deal with as you start 2016 planning.  That force is Zillow. There's no getting around it.   And Zillow can significantly boost revenue and exposure for your brand in some unexpected ways.     As you start thinking about 2016, here's how you can utilize Zillow to benefit your bottom line.

Organic Search Results  

69% of home shoppers who take action online begin by typing a local term into a search engine, according to Placester.   They don’t go to your website, they go to Google.  Which means you need to rise to the top in search engines.

Zillow realizes this.  They’ve developed 125 million property landing pages, 30,000 city pages, 36,000 zip code pages and 20,000 neighborhood pages.  They load these pages up with search terms and unique content so when Google trolls the web for pages around real estate, theirs rise to the top.

Zillow uses this strategy.  Why can’t you?  If SEO is important to you, these types of pages are the most effective way to boost your ratings in organic search.  They are less expensive than paid search and ultimately, more effective at driving people to your site.  With the Property Search Engine, you now have the power to compete with Zillow in search.

Protection 1 saw 106% year/year growth in organic traffic using these methods.  Coldwell Banker saw quadruple digit increases. This strategy works and now it can work for you.

Divert Traffic

If you are listing properties on Zillow your strategy should include how to divert that traffic to your website and retain those customers for your agents.  You can do that by offering a similar online experience to Zillow on your site.  Local information linked to each property – including schools, demographics, lifestyle, amenities, and more – make for a more dynamic and engaging experience.  If consumers can find what they need on your site, they won’ t have a reason to go elsewhere.  You’ll retain that lead through a strong online experience.

This isn’t just about creating an attractive site.  It’s about pulling consumers in while driving up revenue and brand equity.  Become a destination for the home shopper.  They may start their home purchase at Zillow, but you want them to end it with you.

Lead Capture

Zillow is a great tactic for lead generation, but simultaneously, make your own website effective at capturing leads using content people care about.  Tools like property reports and property value estimators are a great way for people to interact with your site.  These tools do not have to be expensive or difficult to implement.   In addition to capturing leads, the information that powers these tools can fuel drip marketing campaigns.   Stay in contact with these potential consumers.   This keeps your brand top of mind.  They’re more likely to return to you as a resource and more likely to convert once they’re ready to purchase.

As you start 2016 planning, consider the power of Zillow.  How can you capitalize on their strength to build your own brand?  We have the answers.  If you’re interested in discussing how Onboard can help, contact us today.