Happy Birthday to Onboard and Other Great Visionaries


Today, Onboard Informatics turns twelve.  On March 14, 2002, an average home cost $136,150, you could mail a letter with a quarter and a dime, the news cycle focused on Yugoslavia and Beyonce (some things don’t change) and three guys named Marc, Peter and JB decided to launch a company that would revolutionize how people find their next home. We celebrate this day with others who changed the world for the better and for whom March 14 is a very special day.

Happy 135th Albert Einstein!

Albert Einstein is relativity older than us, but also considered space and time in relation to each other.  Like Einstein, Onboard understands that people search for new homes in space that appeals to them because the time is right and delivers relational data that allows users to find what they’re looking for.

The similarities don’t stop there.   Einstein and Onboard are both award-winners.  Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 and Onboard Informatics was a finalist in the 2011 Inman Innovator Awards for the most innovative real estate website or service.

We wish a very happy birthday to late, great Albert Einstein.  His contribution to society was simply brilliant.

Happy 86th to Frank Borman!

Frank Borman allowed people to see Earth in its entirety for the first time.

Frank Borman was the Commander of Apollo 8, making his crew the first people to orbit the moon. Never before this mission had anyone seen a photo showing the entire Earth.  Like Borman, Onboard takes assorted data and creates a complete picture.  With Onboard, future homeowners not only have access to what houses are for sale, but the quality information on local schools, commute times, neighborhood amenities and more that make a house a home.

Both Borman and Onboard introduced complete pictures to the masses.  We wish a very happy birthday to Mr. Borman.  His contribution to society was simply out of this world.

Happy 63rd to Jerry Greenfield!

Jerry had a friend named Ben. They made Ben and Jerry’s.   They refused to set limits on what ice cream could be.  No longer were ice cream flavors limited to chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  Now a single flavor could contain fudge, caramel, and chocolate covered pretzels stuffed with peanut butter (yes – it’s real – it’s Chubby Hubby – and it’s fantastic).

Like Ben and Jerry’s, Onboard Informatics refused to limit people’s search of their next home.  Want to know what local restaurants are in your area?  How long it will take you to get to work? What school your child will attend and how it’s ranked?  With Onboard Informatics as with Ben and Jerry’s, the possibilities are endless.  And while our data isn’t quite as delicious, it’s also about giving the people what they want.

We wish a very happy birthday to the Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s.  His contribution to society?  Sweet!

Albert, Frank, Jerry, and Onboard have all changed the world in one way or another.   Today we all celebrate the visionaries of yesterday and work toward creating the revolution of tomorrow.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons