Are you Getting the Most from your Network? Data-Driven Engagement Can Help.


Last month, Onboard published a white paper on data-driven marketing in real estate.   One of the many discoveries we found was that real estate professionals were much less likely to use data to better understand their customers.


Previous clients and their social sphere are a key part of your network and your network generates 75% of agents' annual closes.  Since this is the biggest source of qualified prospects, understanding who is in your network and how to effectively maintain contact with them could help increase revenue in 2017.


This episode of Hello Agent TV gives specifics on the top seven lead sources for real estate agents.  The bottom line?  The more agents perfect online lead generation and use technology as a supplement to engage their network, the more successful they will be.

Here are three ways you can use data-driven engagement to keep tabs on your valuable network:

  • Monthly or quarterly property reports.   Send monthly or quarterly reports on their property full of information they care about.  You can use your existing CRM to deliver the emails and even make the content interactive, like our clients Quantum Digital.


  • Monthly or quarterly newsletters.  Send monthly or quarterly newsletters on their neighborhood or area that includes interactive features like an AVM or area or property reports built in.  With these triggers, you can not only stay top-of-mind with your network, you can also see when people might be more interested based on how they interact with your messages.  A great example of this is HomeActions, another Onboard client using our AVM and AddressReport to help personalize their newsletters.


    Social Media.  We spoke of some ways agents can start personalizing their messaging through emails and social media last month.  Social media is a great way to consolidate your contacts, communicate with your network and stay top-of-mind.  If you're using social media professionally however, keep your messaging consistent and be conscious of your audience.  Neighborhood tips are great - pictures of your bachelor party not so much.

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