Getting the Most from Inman Connect: Technology


Welcome to our four-part series on maximizing Inman.  If you're not familiar, Inman Connect is a real estate technology conference happening this month in New York.  Over 3500 real estate professionals gather to discuss the latest trends in real estate.  We kick off our series with a focus on technology.    If you are a developer, designer, engineer, or technology executive and are attending Inman to learn about the latest in real estate technology, here are the three things you do not want to miss:

  • Hacker Connect

Hacker Connect is new this year and is designed with the technology expert in mind.  The agenda has everything from data sharing to developing an effective product roadmap.  There is a “Tech Connect” track at Inman on Tuesday, January 17, but that track is loaded with digital marketing techniques, rather than real technological innovation and applications.  For those who are truly looking for an in-depth look at real estate technology, Hacker Connect is a great addition.

Don’t Miss - Pete Goldey will discuss API successes to replicate and Pitfalls to Avoid at 9:30 AM.  Here's the link.

  • Learning Labs

In addition to the General Session this year, Inman Connect is hosting quite a few Learning Labs.  Make sure to check out these sessions as well to see where technology is being discussed.

Don’t Miss - At 1:00 PM on Tuesday (or Thursday) head to Docusign’s Learning Lab to find out how to build a technology platform that gets funded.  Hosted by Glenn Shimkus, VP of Product for Docusign and self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, this session should be full of down-and-dirty action items for those looking to develop the next big technology in real estate.  Here's the link.

  • General Session

There are some interesting technology talks in the General Session, though most have to do with digital marketing, UI, or customer acquisition.

Don’t Miss -  On 11:30 AM on Thursday check out a talk on Personal Big Data and its impact on the future of consumer behavior.  The talk is hosted by Adrienne Meisels, CEO and Founder of myPlanit, the “first visual search of your life.”  Adrienne is the inventor on nine granted patents and was formally the VP of AOL’s innovation team.  So it should be an interesting view into where real estate, data, and technology might head next. Here's the link.

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