Getting the Most from Inman: Brokers


Welcome to our second post of our four-part Inman series.   Inman Connect, the real estate technology conferences, is just a couple weeks away. We continue our series with a focus on brokers.    If you are a real estate broker, a member of a brokerage, or even a high-performing real estate team, here are the things you should not miss at Inman:

  • Broker Connect

Broker Connect is Tuesday and starts at 2:00 PM.  So even if you’re flying out in the morning, you can make it to these great sessions.  Broker Connect is a great way to mingle with other brokers and get some ideas for the new year.  Many of the sessions are led by successful brokers from around the country who have been where you are and can offer sound advice.  The agenda this year is chock full of great content.

Don’t Miss – If you’re a smaller brokerage, don’t miss the final session of the day: You’re a Small Brokerage, Start Roaring Like a Lion.  This one is led by Beckwith Bolle, Shaun Osher, and Danielle Riley – so it should be full of good stories and real-life experience.  Here’s the link.

Another good one (in our humble opinion) is New Ways for Brokers to Generate Internet Leads.  We’re always thinking about ways to improve lead generation, qualification and conversion, so this should be a good way to kick off the week.  Here’s the link.

  • Learning Labs

In addition to the General Session this year, Inman Connect is hosting quite a few Learning Labs.  Make sure to check out these sessions as well to see where brokerages are being discussed.



Don’t Miss - At 2:00 PM Wednesday, don’t miss Leighton Dees discuss the seven daily habits of top-producing brokerages.   You will be inundated with information at Inman.  This session is packaged in a way that should make those tips easy to remember and more impactful on your business.  Here’s the link. 

  • General Session

The general sessions are always a great place to see big players in the industry and get inspired with some great talks.  The General Sessions are a bit larger, so it’s good to mix it up with some of the other things going on, but make sure you have some of these gems on your list.

Don’t Miss -  Thursday morning at 10:55 AM there should be a good discussion by Constance Freedman, Mark McLaughlin and Thaddeus Wong on the growth by independent brokerages. Regardless of if you’re independent or part of a larger organization, there should be some interesting trends and ideas to discover.  Here’s the link.



If you are in real estate, the one thing you don’t have is a lot of time.  If you’re still in town on Friday, don’t miss Marki Lemmons talk about things you must kill from your business.  She’s dynamic, knowledgeable, and guaranteed to deliver a few nuggets that will help your brokerage in the coming year.  Here’s the link.

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