Five Ways to Generate Better Leads

It’s no secret that your revenue relies on leads.   A company’s profitability is dependent on its ability to generate and nurture leads effectively.   The most cost effective leads come from word-of-mouth or friends and family, but most businesses can’t rely on that exclusively. One of the most popular ways to generate leads is through a lead bait strategy.  This is where you trade a valuable piece of content in exchange for contact information.  You can acquire leads using this strategy through your website or through a third-party.

On your Website

On your site, you can trade valuable information like a property value estimator or a property report to capture contact information.  When developing lead capture tools on your site, keep these hints in mind:

1)  The more information you ask, the less likely people are to submit a form

Hubspot recently found out that eliminating one field form a data capture form increased response by 50%.  That being said, the more questions you have up front, the more you’ll be able to qualify that lead.  So it’s a balance.  Ask what you need to make sure this lead is right for your business, but keep it as simple as possible.

2 )  It is not just about lead capture, lead nurture is equally important

Once you have a lead, have a process to maintain contact with that lead.  E-mail is the most effective way.  E-mail's organic reach beats that of Facebook or Twitter and the click-through rate is 3.2% higher, according to Inman.

Through a Solution Provider

If you really want to give your leads a boost, you can get the help of a solution provider that specializes in quality lead generation.  This way you don’t have to worry about fields and generating valuable content, it’s done for you.  A few of these programs, including Onboard’s LEADex, will do the entire process for you – from capturing leads, to qualifying and nurturing those leads on your behalf.

If you choose to hire an outside resource to generate leads, keep these hints in mind:

3 )  Ask for exclusivity. 

You don’t want to race your competition to contact leads that you’ve purchased.  You should make sure you are the only organization in your vertical and your region that has access to those leads.

4 )  Make sure you understand how they are generating the leads.

View all the materials they use and make sure they adhere to your own brand standards.  You want people receiving valuable content, you want the leads to be qualified, and you want anything that’s sent on behalf of your brand to be accurate.

5)   Make sure they have a system in place to nurture those leads

If you don’t have a system in place, make sure they have a solution for you.  Lead nurturing is critical in driving prospects to conversion.  You can’t just talk to them once, you have to stay top-of-mind throughout the buying cycle – that’s where nurturing comes in.

Whatever tool or solution you use, make sure to apply these simple hints in developing a more effective lead generation strategy.  Because at the end of the day, it’s really not about leads, it’s about conversions.  These five hints will help you increase that number and ultimately, increase your profitability.  If you’re interested in participating in an exclusive lead generation pilot program from Onboard starting September 15, contact us today.