In First Year, Startup Wars Invests Over A Quarter Million to Support New Companies


Today, Startup Wars, the Onboard program that invests in startups, celebrates its first anniversary. Marc Siden, founder of Onboard Informatics, developed the StartUp Wars program to give back to the startup community.  Since its August 2013 launch, it’s invested in six startups by granting access to the full spectrum of local data from the Onboard platform at a significantly discounted rate.  This local data reinforced SEO strategies, co-marketing initiatives, marketing support, and consultative services for the six participating companies. Since the launch of StartUp Wars, Onboard Informatics has invested over $250,000 in six hand-selected startups. This investment includes deeply discounted local data and consultative services.

Current participants in the Startup Wars program include:

Patch of Land - Patch of Land enables users to invest in individual real estate projects by establishing transparency, low minimums, and ease of transaction through project-by-project real estate investments. Using Onboard Informatics’ Neighborhood Suite and Market Information Suite, Patch of Land will provide greater transparency for these real estate investment projects. ApartmentList - ApartmentList website has nearly one million non-traditional real estate listings from coast to coast. With the addition of Onboard Informatics’ local content, users can now understand a surrounding area’s nearby points of interest and if the rent-to-own or lease-option-to-buy process is right for them. Commissions Inc. - Commissions Inc. was founded in 2011 with the mission to build a platform that could run entire real estate businesses from top to bottom. Now being North America’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Technology Company, Commissions Inc. will implement Onboard Informatics’ Neighborhood Suite and Market Information Suite into their clients’ industry-leading real estate platforms.

If you’re interested in how Startup Wars can help make your startup brand bigger and to learn more on what local content can do for your business, download our 5 Best Practices to Make Your Brand Look BIG guide. Additionally, sign up for our upcoming webinar to watch use cases and Startup Wars participant examples!