Empowerment Through Information


Onboard Informatics attended the RISMedia’s 2011 Achieve! Conference this past month on May 24th, where over 50 leading real estate professionals and experts took an in-depth look at where the industry stands and the necessity of preparing for the future. The event provided insight into many important topics such as achieving success and adapting as new opportunities arise in the challenging market. Onboard Informatics CEO Marc Siden, one of eight panelists in the Innovations and Opportunities in the New Normal session valued and stressed one way to adjust your company: by embracing your consumers. At the panel, Marc remarked, “The last few years have brought us through some of the most unchartered territory that we have ever been through.” Although technology has leveled the playing field, Siden emphasized the need of real estate professionals to understand and look deeply at what is on the consumers’ mind. “Today’s consumer wants information and they want to feel empowered when they call you. If you don’t understand what the consumer is looking for, they are going to look elsewhere for the information they need,” Marc added. Simply focusing on your consumer can reinvent your outlook in the real estate business.

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Image Credit: Wikipedia