Data Updates & Add-ins: Week of 9/29/08 - 10/3/08


At Onboard Informatics it is our goal to provide the most comprehensive and up to date data possible.

This month we are pleased to announce that our amenities data set has been “beefed” up! For those of you not familiar with what falls into our amenities coverage here are some quick examples: restaurants, bars, grocery stores, campgrounds, doctors’ offices, and etc.

  • Total number of Amenities records:                                                                        4,086,277
  • Total number of new Amenities records:                                                                    46,060
  • Category with the largest increase of new Amenities records:                Restaurants (4,926)

Our school ratings and reviews data was updated and grew as well.

  • Total number of school reviews: 346,026
  • Total number of school ratings:    54,892

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