Data makes people work, insight works for people


Gahlord Dewald's post about helping decision makers decipher data got me thinking about our role as technology providers, and what level of expectation we should have for end-users. I agree with Jon Bednarsh's comment that data literacy isn't a proficiency at the RE pro level - nor should it be. As technology providers, we can solve these challenges by demonstrating a clear understanding of the user's role (to provide transactional expertise and move real estate) and delivering data software, tools, etc. that justify that end. We must get them to stronger results without adding more "data" work and help ignite meaningful dialogue between them.their clients through crystal clear answers that jump off the page. No translator necessary.

Gahlord talks about making decisions through calculated reporting ("Geeks") vs. emotional impulses ("Guts"); the two can be complementary if the right inputs and outputs work for all types of decision makers. 10k Research's infographics, our Listings 360°insight Advisor are two great examples of Geeks and Guts working together to improve outcome.

These are the things we need to hold ourselves to deliver, rather than hope for an evolution in data proficiency.

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