What is Data-Driven Consumer Engagement and why does it increase click-through rates 31%?


Several years ago, I started to hear the term “data-driven marketing.”  It seemed that consumers were starting to demand a more personal experience when making purchase decisions and that data was integral to making that happen. I didn’t know much about those trends, but I knew a lot about data.  Data is what Onboard has been specializing in since 2002.

Recently, we’ve started to utilize our data to create finished solutions designed to engage consumers.  Part of that is because that’s what our clients and prospects are demanding.  But a bigger piece is this idea of the consumer expectation.  If consumers expect individualized content and we have the tools to meet those expectations – why not seize this opportunity by creating data-driven engagement solutions?

I was reading recently about geo-personalization – tailoring your message based on your target’s location.  In this article, an insurance company purchased an online banner promoting Medicare plans.  In the original campaign, the background was neutral.  But when they started to geo-personalize their messaging – showing an image of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background of the San Francisco version and the Statue of Liberty in the New York version – they saw a 31% increase in the click-through rates.

In real estate, we have the capability today to identify an area a person is interested in and send them information on that area.  If you have a real estate website, likely one of the first things you ask a visitor to enter is a zip code, neighborhood, or area.  What if all future correspondence highlighted that area in a meaningful way?  Not just with the new homes for sale – though that is important – but information on changes in the area, new restaurants opening up, even air quality.   Do you think your click-through rates would increase 31%?  Maybe more.

This is the magic of pairing data with the way you deliver content today -be it a nurture campaign, a website, or a mobile application.  When you have the ability to capture, match, and send back individualized data – you have the ability to create truly memorable experiences and satisfied customers.  Just imagine what a 31% increase in clicks could do for your business.  That’s a 31% increase in meaningful engagement.   Would you close more deals?  Without a doubt.

That’s the power of data-driven engagement.  If you're interested in finding out more about data-driven engagement, fill out the form below and you can receive monthly updates on trends, tips, and best practices.  It's an exciting world out there.  Together, let's see what data can really do.