Daily Updates for GreatSchools Ratings & Reviews


Onboard has been providing GreatSchools Ratings and Reviews for a number of years. This type of information has been extremely valuable to our clients who are looking to provide their consumers with more contextual information around school search. The data helps to give home buyers insight into the local schools around a home listing, not just which schools are the closest. They are able to see ratings and read reviews from Parents, Administrators, Students and former Students.

In the past this data was updated bi-weekly. We now provide an upgrade to this product so that GreatSchools Ratings & Reviews can now be updated on a daily basis. Clients who want to update the data on their sites more frequently can now be sure that the latest ratings and reviews for a school will be on their site. Not to mention the SEO benefits from frequently updating content on your site.

The following information is provided: 1. Overall Rating (now called Community Rating) 2. Four individual ratings: Teacher Rating, Principal Rating, Parent Rating, and Facilities Rating 3. Any new reviews posted since the previous day

The delivery is the same, via bulk file, so that there is no change in how you receive the data.

If this is something you may be interested in, please contact your Relationship Manager or reach out to our Product Support team at support@onboardinformatics.com.

Image Credit: Adnan Islam on Flcikr.com