Content's reign continues


"Content is king" has been an adage for years - now more companies are finally embracing the realities of reaching their information-craving audience. Copypress' 2013 State of Content Marketing has the scoop in their new study which reveals fascinating trends, like content marketing being the major focus of marketers surveyed for the year.

Of course, engaging content can take on many forms - but it's clear in this report that connecting with consumers' interests pays off. 62.2% percent of the surveyed companies said featured articles generated ROI.

We know some of the more sophisticated types of new media take time. Jackie previously showed us some of the ways you can start out with a content marketing strategy on your site (those of you with Onboard's content already will find this easy). A few tips in recap:

  1. Send e-alerts or postcards to non-prospects on home sales trends in their community so you’re top of mind when they want to list their home
  2. Neighborhood profile pages
  3. Turn neighborhood stats into rich, visually-appealing content as our client Coldwell Banker has done to drive traffic as part of their Best Places campaign
  4. Go beyond the numbers and build trust by fusing data-driven insights with brand personality and local expertise (as our client Halstead has done)
  5. Set up a ‘look what’s open in your area’ blast based on local points of interest changes

There are many important parts of the marketing mix, but don't miss out on the vehicles that will drive connection with your prospective clients while they're still in decision mode.

Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons