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Onboard Informatics formalizes Publisher Services offering under its new Data Services and Analytics Division.

Today, we're pleased to announce the formation of our Data Services and Analytics (DSA) Division. The DSA Division will focus on generating value for clients through content specific to their brand business initiatives. The Onboard local data platform already powers the websites and applications of some of the top real estate companies in the industry.  This new DSA Division will utilize our existing technology to expand our offering beyond websites to things like publisher services and decision analytics.

The new DSA Division will first focus on media and publishing sectors.

Publishing : a formula for success

It may come as a surprise, but Onboard's very first client was a publisher - Money Magazine. In fact, we cut our teeth on their 2003 Best Places to Live feature while operating as a startup from a basement office on the Lower East Side in NYC. Since then, Money Magazine has been wildly successful with its Best Places feature.

Through exposure from our work with Money, we've had the opportunity to work with many other brands including US News, Family Circle, Bloomberg, Fortune and BusinessWeek.  You can find some of our recent work covered here : Published Article Summaries

What we do

Our approach to working with publishers is's the execution that counts of course.

  • Gather brand business goals
  • Select topics
  • Establish requirements
  • Identify, gather, evaluate and integrate content
  • Implement ranking methodologies
  • Deliver project specific content
  • Evaluate and measure

During this process, we work closely with editors, writers, SEO specialists, technology staff, and PR / distribution experts.

Why launch Data Services and Analytics today?

What's changed? Onboard has always been expert at content aggregation and development. But today, with advances in the technology enabling our content production system and changes in how we leverage data models and spatial operations, we're able to deliver custom solutions in a scalable manner. At the same time, the growth of content consumption online (through web and mobile) continues to skyrocket. Many publishers have invested in their own systems to the point where they can rapidly publish, measure, and publish again.

There's no question that people engage with local content, rankings, and timely topics. These forces drive traffic; capture it with the power of Onboard's DSA Division.  We're positioned to deliver the content you need, at a large scale and with the same quality and personal touch that define the Onboard brand.

Grow your reach.  Reach your goals.

I've always believed that every place is the best in something. There's tremendous opportunity to develop content not only for generalist brands, but also in niche marketplaces created by the numerous titles in bridal, outdoors, health, retirement, parenting, home and other lifestyle categories. You'll find a growing number of sites are driving impressions and engagement with hyperlocal content and rankings. With this comes an increase in brand awareness, ad revenue and search engine position.

With the virtually limitless topics and data elements Onboard DSA brings to the table, national geographic coverage, true hyperlocal content, and our history in the space, we're positioned to power your growth.

I'm excited to lead this new endeavor, which so strongly complements Onboard's core service offerings. To learn more about how we can grow your brand's reach together, please visit our Content Development page or call me directly at (646) 747-4265.

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