Complementing Listings: Clareity Consulting Profiles Onboard's MLS Product Suite


Onboard has recently been profiled in a new Clareity Consulting white paper on enhancing real estate search with enriched community content. The profile offers some context about Onboard's role in the MLS space, as an IDX provider, and how our products help MLS administrators and Associations stay competitive by adding value to their subscribers.

Who is Clareity Consulting? Since 1996, Clareity has been providing information technology consulting to the real estate industry. They provide a wide range of services to MLSs, Associations, brokers, franchises, and software providers in the residential real estate space. Over 100 clients turn to Clareity for services such as transaction management, market research, project management, recruiting, and strategic planning to name a few. They are are thought leaders in the industry, with dozens of real estate publications that run the gamut from the future of the MLS space to IT securities.

Who is this paper intended for? Although MLS and Association Executives are the primary audience, you don't have to be an MLS executive to find a great deal of value in this paper. You will get a sense of how Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is changing the flow of information in the industry, which is something everyone - especially MLS operators - should keep an eye on.

What else will I find out? Clareity reviewed our Listings Web Service and our process of acquiring MLS feeds and dispersing IDX content with our enhanced search capabilities beyond those on your typical property search site. Onboard's IDX feeds go through a multi-layered credential process, which is detailed in this piece. You can also read Clareity's independent review of Onboard's IDX securities processes.

This paper also takes a closer look at Onboard's MLS OneSource suite and what our local neighborhood content really means for MLSs and Associations. Clareity recognizes that supplementing MLS listings with additional value-added content is a hot topic for any real estate entity with a consumer-facing website.

Click here to read the white paper.