More Companies Using Local Data to Drive Sales


ProspectsPLUS, a direct marketing company, announced a new product line today that utilizes local data to target leads.  The solution is designed for real estate agents, and uses local data to allow agents to target prospects based on property, lifestyle preferences, and life events that signal when a prospect might be ready to buy a new home. ProspectPLUS is a marketing company.  They’ve done a nice job pulling together specific datasets from various providers and offering solutions to their clients that use this data.  In other words, they recognize that this data helps agents improve sales.

That’s something Onboard has known for a long time.

In their official press release, ProspectsPLUS President Jim Morton said:  "Our goal has always been to help real estate agents deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Now, with the advance of data select options from world-class providers, we can help them do that with even more precision."

Onboard’s specialty is data aggregation.  As a result, we have a wider variety of interwoven, standardized, dynamic data.  Our superior sales building solutions and tools incorporate this data to not only help businesses target the right prospects, but enable them to retain leads for a longer period of time.

Perhaps someone reaches out through a website on a specific property.  Our tools enable you to present detailed information on that property both on your site and through drip marketing campaigns that highlight changes to that property or neighborhood.  This is the type of content your consumers are passionate about.  It will pull them in and keep them with your brand through their entire buying cycle.

If there’s one thing ProspectsPLUS demonstrates, it’s that more and more companies are recognizing the power of local data.  If you want to know more about how local data can drive sales to your business, contact us today.