Community Data Enhancements and Columbus, Ohio


This summer, Onboard is making enhancements to the information most critical to our clients’ customers starting with our Community Data. Today, Onboard provides over 350 attributes in its Community API. This summer's update adds ancestry data, languages spoken, household net worth, projection data and historical data to our Community Data offering. I’m pretty excited about these enhancements, but that’s because I love data. As a Product Manager at Onboard, I get the opportunity to dig into our data on a daily basis and find the stories buried inside.

I also have a soft spot for technology and follow several blogs that tell stories of the latest tech startups. Lately, I find myself reading about Columbus a lot. Yep, that city in Ohio.

The Midwest is rarely seen as a hot spot for tech jobs with many technologists flocking to either coast, but entrepreneurs are everywhere and Columbus is proving to be quite a force.

Forbes named Columbus the Number 1 Opportunity City saying: “Modern Columbus has emerged as a technologically sophisticated city.”

Even the state government is pitching in to encourage new ventures; they created the Ohio Third Frontier which provides funding to early stage technology companies.

I thought this was a great opportunity for me to dive in to Onboard's newest Community Data and learn what Columbus is all about. I put together this infographic to show what I discovered:


There are all kinds of interesting things you can explore with Onboard’s Community API.  Keep an eye out, I'll be sharing another implementation utilizing the latest enhancements in a couple weeks.

Photo Credit: GotCredit on