Coldwell Banker releases the Top Booming Suburbs of 2013


Whenever we hunt for job opportunities and expansion, it is common to consider moving to prosperous and urban cities where expansion appears limitless. While gravitating to those bustling concrete jungles, however, what is sacrificed is the safe, serene, and tight-knit communities we value and love. So how do you get both a strong community and excellent job opportunities?  In the final installment of Coldwell Banker’s series The Best Places to Live, we solve just that. In “The Top Booming Suburbs”, Onboard Informatics and Coldwell Banker work closely together to show you the communities nationwide that offer their community members the best of both worlds. As for how our client Coldwell Banker views what constitute a thriving community, President and CEO Budge Huskey said:

“As America continues to bounce back from the recession, this ranking identifies suburbs that have shown strong economic growth since the recovery. These communities have the American ideals we love, the suburban dream intact and a population that is finding jobs at a better rate than the national average. That is the definition of a thriving community.”

Focusing on over 1,500 communities nationwide, Coldwell Banker and our data team meticulously sifted through towns based on their employment opportunities, job growth availability, community safety, leisure activities, home improvement, and several other significant factors anyone would want in a booming town. We then ranked ordered the prosperous suburbs with the number one town being Cottage Lake in Washington State.

To see which towns are booming in your state, click here.

See below for Coldwell Banker's infographic on the most booming states and great towns within them.

Colwell Graphic