Chinese Democracy; The effects it will have on market demand and Axl Rose


The long awaited L.P. Chinese Democracy from Guns N Roses is finally going to see the light day; it was a 17 year wait, but after listening to it (several times) it was well worth the wait. The die hard fans of GNR (GNR = Guns N Roses, for those lame-os not in the loop) are predicting that this album will be able to secure Axl Rose's standing as a rock god but more importantly economist are saying that the sales from this album will breathe new life into the consumer market. The power of this album is going to make the $700 Billion bailout for Wall Street unnecessary and allow Detroit to focus their engineering efforts on V-8, t-top Cameros (Can someone please let David Hasselhoff know that their is nothing to worry about, Pontiac will be putting the Trans Am back into full production sometime mid 2010)...  After Axl Rose's face is placed on Mount Rushmore for saving the economy and polar bears from global warming (Al Gore, we all know that you've been taking the credit for all the work Axl has done in stopping global climate change!), everyone is going to want to move to a town just like Lafayette, Indiana; the humble hometown of William Bruce Bailey, the man we all know as Axl Rose. A country full of people like Axl Rose would only lead to an American Renaissance....

Because Onboard Informatics has the ability to identify places that great Americans like Axl Rose come from, we want to profile Lafayette, Indiana as well as five additional cities similar to Lafayette.

Place Name Lafayette
State Indiana
County Name Tippecanoe
Population 58109
Median Age 30.25
Total Crime Index 112
Education Climate Index 4
Air Quality Index 106
Place Name Turlock Sunnyside Robstown Hillsboro Lacy-Lakeview
State California Oregon Texas Texas Texas
County Name Stanislaus Clackamas Nueces Hill McLennan
Population 68191 8224 12471 8605 6062
Median Age 30.13 30.25 30.04 30.23 30.2
Total Crime Index 110 110 109 108 107
Education Climate Index 3 4 2 3 3
Air Quality Index 83 107 90 152 141

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons