Onboard Powers BusinessWeek's Best Places to Raise Your Kids 2012


"There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in" - Graham Green

Having children changes parents ideas of what they consider the most "ideal" home.  Priorities shift.  As convenient as it might be to have multiple bathrooms and closets (trust me, I have a lot of clothes and if I could have multiple closets, I would!), that might not be the number one priority. Maybe the number of bedrooms and square footage isn't as important as being close to a great school, daycare, or specific amenities; maybe safety becomes your number one priority, or maybe it's the cost of living.  Whatever the considerations are when you have your child, it's not an easy task for parents to figure out where their ideal place might be.

Thankfully, BusinessWeek is here to make your life just that much easier. In their 6th annual installment, BusinessWeek has published The Best Places to Raise Your Kids in 2012 using Onboard's comprehensive community data and demographics.

Rating places with populations of 50,000 people or less, considerations included: education (such as school scores, number of public and private schools, colleges), crime, economy (median family income, expenses, job growth, etc.), amenities, air quality and ethnic diversity– all of the qualities you would want in a community for your family.

The cities are listed in alphabetical order, by state, and in the CT/NJ/NY tri-state area (where we are located), the following cities top the list:

Best place to raise kids in Connecticut: Kensington

Nearby city: Hartford Population: 8,567 Median family income: $83,352

Best place to raise kids in New Jersey: Ridgefield Park

Nearby city: New York City Population: 12,953 Median family income: $76,240

Best place to raise kids in New York: Hampton Manor

Nearby city: Albany Population: 2,490 Median family income: $64,354

To read the full list, click here: http://images.businessweek.com/slideshows/20111115/the-best-places-to-raise-your-kids-2012/

Image Credit: Chris Hunkeler on Flickr.com