Brooklyn’s history and the importance of interactive maps


BKLYNR's Interactive Brooklyn MapBeing the second most populated county in the United States next to New York County (Manhattan), Brooklyn currently holds roughly 2.5 million residents. To shelter these 2.5 million residents, Brooklyn has 320,000 buildings that have been constructed, demolished, reconstructed, and renovated since the 1600’s. But in the resulting patchwork of architectural work that spans over four centuries, wouldn’t it be difficult to map out the construction year of each building in Brooklyn? By using information from the NYC Department of City Planning’s PLUTO data set in addition to data in New York City’s “NYCityMap,” founding editor of BKLYNR Thomas Rhiel meticulously plotted just that. Not only are interactive maps, such as the one Rhiel produced, ideal pieces of content to pull in readers and potential clients, but the data for such maps can sometimes be relatively easy to find. The only daunting aspect of doing this is the meticulous and frustrating work that one needs to undergo to create an accurate and appealing map. If done correctly, however, the possibilities can range from heat maps on crime rates to a time-lapse map on where Citi Bikes are checked in.

Here at Onboard Informatics, we take the hard work out of piecing together storytelling data by standardizing hundreds of different data sets to bring maps like these to life. Through our intricate data sets on Local Content our clients can quickly produce geo-targeted interactive maps based on local bars, banks, crime, schools, transit times, and more. To get a full understanding of how we can bring your maps to the next level you should click here.

And for a detailed look at Thomas Rhiel and BKLYNR’s impressive interactive map click here.

Image Credit: Wikipedia