Birth years of over one million NYC buildings


A while back Onboard Informatics shed some light on constructing and implementing interactive maps as a form of superior and engaging content. However, if you were planning to expand on the map we highlighted, a color coded BKLYNR map based on the construction dates of Brooklyn’s 320,000 buildings, you’re going to need a new idea. Brandon Liu, a 24 year old computer programmer in San Francisco, was directly inspired by the BKLYNR content so much so that he went ahead and made a color coded map of all five boroughs revolving around the same concept. Interactive Map

Liu, who created the engaging and eye-catching content in just two days, used building footprint data he obtained from a previous consulting job as well as publicly released PLUTO data sets. "I heard through social media that NYC had released their PLUTO data set for free. In the past it’s cost thousands of dollars to acquire this data. Building age was the most interesting aspect of the data set to me, and it was quite simple to combine building footprints with age."

Additional interactive maps that could be derived solely from PLUTO’s seventy fields of data sets include police precinct boundaries, years of building alterations, and perhaps an aerial shading of buildings according their numbers of floors.

As with working with most free data sets, there are some limitations. As one commenter pointed out:

"Most of of the older buildings aren't accurately dated, because the city doesn't need accurate old dates for this data set... It only needs to know what building code provisions that they fall under. So City Hall for instance, it's marked at 1914, but it was constructed in 1812."

Here at Onboard, we continuously integrate multiple variables such as school districts, local real estate data, or even local points of interest such as bars, coffee shops, and banks into user friendly interactive maps. To find out all the ways Onboard can provide you with premium content for your users, don't hesitate to reach out.

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