Best Places to Live for T.O.


terrell-owens1 It recently came to our attention here at Onboard Informatics that Terrell Owens has been house hunting in the Buffalo area. After two months of looking for a place, it seems he was not able to rent a house in Orchard Park close to Ralph Wilson Stadium. As we are avid football fans here, and I being a die-hard Bills fan having grown up in the area, we would like to offer T.O. our help in his search.

It would be nice to know what kind of criteria is important to Terrell when looking for a place to live, but considering he only has a one year contract he may not care all that much. There are a lot of possibilities for T.O.  I know that a lot of people would love to have him living in their community!

Using our expertise in this area, we would like to announce a “Best Places to Live for T.O. Near Ralph Wilson Stadium.” Onboard is no stranger to these types of services as we annually work with and Business Week to create a “Best Places to Live…” story. We work closely with each publication to develop the criteria they want to use for each story.  Since we do not have the ability to work with T.O. for this story (at least not yet!) we will take some liberties with the critera and put forth the three Best Places for T.O.

Ralph Wilson Stadium


Our data team assembled a list of towns/villages within a 15 mile radius of Ralph Wilson Stadium, for a total of 24 possible locations.  The places include:

  • Angola On The Lake
  • Village of Angola
  • Billington Heights
  • Village of Blasdell
  • City of Buffalo
  • Cheektowarga
  • Village of Depew
  • Village of East Aurora
  • Eden
  • Elma Center
  • Village of Hamburg
  • Harris Hill
  • Holland
  • Village of Kenmore
  • City of Lackawanna
  • Village of Lancaster
  • North Boston
  • Village of North Collins
  • Village of Orchard Park
  • Village of Sloan
  • Tonawanda
  • Town Line
  • West Seneca
  • Village of Williamsville

We looked at the following data points:

  • Population
  • Households
  • Households with Children
  • Median Income
  • Median Price
  • Max Price
  • Fair Market Rent - One Bedroom
  • Fair Market Rent - Two Bedroom

I imagine that if we asked the opinion of Ron Jaworski he might be partial to the City of Lackawanna (Population: 18,013, Households: 7,864, Households with Children: 2,089, Median House Price: $70,000, Max House Price: $141,000, Rent - 1 Bed: $578, 2 Bed: $694) as that is where he was born and bred.  Jim Kelly, on the other hand, might recommend that Terrell continue to look in Orchard Park (Population: 3,240, Households: 1,375, Households with Children: 392, Median House Price: $187,200, Max House Price: $470,000, Rent - 1 Bed: $658, 2 Bed: $790) as that is where he has lived until selling his house recently.

As T.O. continues his tour of homes in the Buffalo area, having this information should help him make a more informed decision on where he should live. Should he choose to not buy we are providing Fair Market Rents for each area. One bedroom figures are shown if T.O. would like a place for himself and we also provide two bedroom figures if he wants his bodyguard close by at all times.

As always, many thanks to our Data Guru, Joe Rugolo, for pulling the data for this story.

Best Places to Live for T.O.

  • #1 - City of Buffalo
  • Population: 267,115
  • Househlods: 113,577
  • Households with Children: 34,161
  • Median Home Price: $60,000
  • Max Home Price: $1,590,000
  • Fair Market Rent - One Bed: $564
  • Fair Market Rent - Two Bed: $676


The City of Buffalo is rich in architecture and is the cultural epicenter of the area. Only 4 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium it will make for an easy commute. Chippewa Street has plenty of options for evening entertainment, Elmwood Avenue has shopping and eating and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery for those art cravings. A revamped waterfront offers beautiful views of Lake Erie

  • #2 - Village of Williamsville
  • Population: 5,421
  • Househlods: 2,379
  • Households with Children: 558
  • Median Home Price: $62,348
  • Max Home Price: $740,000
  • Fair Market Rent - One Bed: $646
  • Fair Market Rent - Two Bed: $776

The Historic Village of Williamsville (Town of Amherst) is located in the northern suburbs of Buffalo. This is a vibrant community with the University of Buffalo only minutes away. Located only 12 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium, the village offers a little distance between work and home. There are many shopping and eating establishments within the area. Landmarks within the area include Bassett Park and Glen Park. Amherst Pepsi Center has four ice rinks while on the grounds there are softball, baseball, soccer and football fields.

  • #3 - North Boston
  • Population: 2,582
  • Households: 1,036
  • Households with Children: 306
  • Median Home Price: $157,900
  • Max Home Price: $465,000
  • Fair Market Rent - One Bed: $599
  • Fair Market Rent - Two Bed: $720

Located only 5 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium, North Boston is a hamlet located in the Town of Boston. Routes 217, 277 and 391 make the quiet town easily accessible.

We would love to hear where everyone else thinks that T.O. should live.

Image Credit: Wikipedia