How to get your open house back


Are open houses a waste of time? This debate has raged on for years as the use of internet in the home sales process has jureal estate local neighborhood reportsmped from 5% in 1995 to over 90% of buyers today. Well, that depends on what you're looking to get out of them. In this MSN Real Estate article, LA real estate agent Liz Johnson says only 2-4% of her listings sell from open houses. That's a dismal number when it comes to closing, sure. But the real reason Liz hosts open houses is to bring her more business long-term.

"Prospective home buyers walk through and ask what other listings she has. 'They've always been better for agents than sellers,' she says."

With lengthy sales cycles and buyers only engaging every 5-10 years, handing a branded piece of valuable information to show your expertise and the area around the home can go a long way. That's exactly what our Comprehensive Reports allow our clients to do.

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