Announcing - Lifestyle Search Essay Contest Winner!


We launched the Lifestyle Search Essay Contest a few weeks ago asking you to share your thoughts and vision on the future of real estate search.  We ended up with five great entries from various real estate industry professionals who all had great ideas regarding the hot topic of real estate search, but there could only be one winner.



Adam Johnson, author of ESSAY #2

The future of real estate property and lifestyle search is one that offers the user greater transparency and understanding of the market. Read More...

We have been discussing the issues with property search as it is today and working diligently to provide a solution.  We took the first step towards lifestyle search with the launch our Lifestyle Listings Engine, announced at Inman Connect a few weeks ago. Today we took the second step, announcing the actual delivery of the product APIs.  For more information regarding Lifestyle Listings Engine please contact us at or call 646.747.4273.

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