Allstate and Data Implementation Counts


At Onboard, we are constantly impressed when clients reinvent our data through unique and memorable implementations. However, this past month there have been two data implementations whose success and creativity were something we had to share. To begin, recently released its Top 25 Cities for Renters Raising Families article using Onboard data in a fresh new way. Aside from integrating community related content directly on, the team decided to repurpose the Onboard data via a story highlighting a growing trend in major cities across the nation. Even before the list was publicized on's own domain, it was picked up by 21 major publications including The Huffington Post, NJ.comAtlanta Business Chronicle,, Business Insider,, and MSN Real Estate. Brace yourself, the success of's list does not stop there. The Top 25 Cities for Renters Raising Families generated 69 million impressions. That's roughly 21% of America all reading one story. What we’re getting to is that the combination of’s intuition regarding leading trends in the market, coupled with data from Onboard Informatics blew this implementation out of the water.

Next up, Allstate launched its GoodHome feature recently using Onboard's AVM data. GoodHome is designed to uncover any home's risks as well as provide solutions that can protect the home from said risk. How it works is you simply enter your street address and Allstate free-falls you from an aerial view to your neighborhood's street level while plunging data points at you  such as current weather, county, town,  zip code, population, market value, year built, latitudinal and longitudinal lines, and even more data points. This data implementation engages the user in an unprecedented way, simply due to the engaging functionality and integrated use of Onboard’s Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

At Onboard, we may have some of the largest data sets in the market, but we know it takes more than that to make an impact. Standing out from the crowd takes a unique data implementation, groundbreaking creativity, and a lot of hard work. Our team of experts constantly assist clients in building solutions that engages users and procures the best results for that client’s business needs. To see what you can do with data, reach out.