How Onboard's Latest Acquisition will Make your Content Marketing Easier


People are generally in a continuum of living in a place, searching for a place or moving to a place. We might not tend to think of life that way, but this cycle occurs over and over. Every year roughly 40 million people move in the U.S. alone.  That’s just over 14% of the population. This process of finding and owning a new place isn’t just about where you’re going to live.  It’s about living. Each decision you make in this process impacts your life.  And whether living in a place or choosing to move, there are millions of decisions to make.  Key information helps inform those decisions.  Businesses who can access that information and deliver it effectively will find themselves firmly in front of their target consumer.  But if it’s that simple, why don’t more companies do it?

The Quick Win

Companies want to generate “hot” leads for their sales team, which seriously limits their opportunities. For example, in real estate about 3-5% of prospects are ready to transact. That means 95% go off and are brought back over and over again at a cost…in many cases a ridiculously large cost.  How can companies retain the 95% that are still “window shopping”? Many industries are turning toward content marketing.

Content marketing is when companies create and distribute content (hopefully interesting, relevant, valuable content) to retain and ultimately convert leads.  This approach is effective but requires a stable of meaningful content, which ain’t easy.  A recent content marketing study by Hubspot revealed that producing content is the greatest challenge for 57% of respondents.

Enter AddressReport

So this is where AddressReport comes in.  Onboard has the content.  We want to use the technology AddressReport has created to help businesses keep the other 95% of leads engaged while they consider their options.

We are using the platform to develop a unique content marketing and engagement solution that will:

  1. Keep consumers engaged with a brand until they’re ready to transact
  2. Eliminate the difficulty companies now have in creating enough engaging content
  3. Personalize the content to the individual so it’s about them (not the brand)
  4. Track, measure, and optimize communications, content and creative as we learn

How are we going to do this? We start with the dynamic local content Onboard has been aggregating since 2001.  We pair that with the AddressReport platform that allows our clients to deliver that content in a compelling way.  We personalize the messaging around areas people care about and we hit them on the web, their mobile devices, email and even their preferred social circles. Content is delivered as both timed (e.g. weekly, monthly) and event-based (e.g. this information changed since the last time you saw it) alerts. All communications are branded for our clients, keeping their company in front of prospects throughout their journey and improving the probability of a transaction.

What We’ve Seen

Open and Click Through Rates

We’ve seen some pretty incredible results in early testing. Opt-in, open and click rates have all dramatically exceeded industry averages. So we decided to push the concept further. We now have a dedicated team, heads down, focused on moving this to the next level.

If you’d like to participate in the process, we’d love to talk. If you’d like to wait and see, that’s okay too...just let us know when you’re ready. You’ll be hearing more over the coming months as we start to share more information, results and some sneak peeks at what’s in the garage.

We’re excited about this evolution.  At Onboard, we’re always seeking ways to help our clients engage and nurture their customers with dynamic local content.  This is an exciting next step in that process.  We realize that people spend their lives finding and living in the perfect place.  We can help our clients be there every step of the way.