A Good Product Mix


One of our clients, HomeServices, is a perfect example of a client who is taking advantage of multiple product offerings from Onboard Informatics.  While a number of their websites are powered by our Content Services and Navigator products, their agents also benefit tremendously from our CoPilot product. Agents have been able to run numerous customized reports for their clients.  Popular reports have included Relocation, School and Community Comparative Reports.

When HomeServices added a new office they were easily able to add new branding (headers/footers) to their reports.  While doing so a HomeServices agent worked closely with a member from our Relationship Management to make sure that everything worked with the branding.  Our Product Support team was also integral in ensuring that everything functioned properly.

In addition, we have updated our maps in CoPilot.   Those who have previously run reports will notice the big change we have made in this area.  We realize the importance of being able to visualize where the location being searched for is located on a map.

In the screenshot below, take note of the header where an agent is able to add their photo and add any office branding.  The map shows the Organizations-Associations in a particular area.