A "Community" Company


Part of Onboard's business is being a community company, meaning we spend a lot of time on the ground studying the structure of the way people gather to live and work around the United States. We spend our days analyzing things like population data or what it means for a town to be family friendly, but our real passion lies in the heart and soul of these places. This is especially true of our own Manhattan backyard, where fortune is unwavering on the surface, but inequality and struggle are just as prevalent.

  • October: Onboard went pink for the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, supporting Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink for the Cure.
  • November: We had a great time supporting TORCH (Together Our Resources Can Help) at their annual Benefit and L.I.G.H.T. Awards at Marquee. TORCH provides career and vocational opportunities for talented and underserved NYC high school students.
  • December: We are working with the Brooklyn Family Justice Center (BKFJC), an organization that works to reduce barriers faced by victims of domestic violence who are seeking help. In addition, we are answering the Christmas wish list of a family who is spending their first year in a violence-free environment.

We lean on our communities every day for support and inspiration, and each of us would be remiss if we didn't show our support for the people in our communities that support us.