5 Ways to Use Local Information to Power Solutions


Local information can make your business more efficient and create a better experience for your future customers.  Here are five ways local information can help you power your solutions:

Boost ranking in search engines

Local landing pages can help reinforce geographic keywords (keywords based on location).  What that means is when someone searches “insurance” or “home insurance” along with a geography like city (Phoenix), state (Minnesota) or neighborhood (Upper West Side), your brand will move up higher in the search engine because of all the local pages you’ve created.

As you build out localized landing pages, you can reinforce and replicate those geographic keywords on potentially million of pages.  They’ll be in titles, descriptors, and throughout the copy on the page.

Build out landing pages to create an edge over the competition in organic search ranking.

Capture leads for your clients

Tools that provide estimates on a property’s value, often called Automated Valuation Models, are a great way to provide value to visitors in exchange for their contact information.  By incorporating a tool like this into your application or software, you can effectively capture leads for your clients.

The valuation tools are easy to implement and extremely effective in lead capture.

Increase time on site

Clients want solutions that drive traffic and effectively keep that traffic engaged onsite.  Incorporating local information into the solutions you build will increase engagement and allow for a unique user experience onsite.

Boost Engagement

Develop drip marketing campaigns around local information that are customized per visitor.  If a visitor is interested in a certain type of property or area, develop automated e-mails that alert the visitor when a similar property comes to market.

This type of drip marketing campaign is a great tactic for developing leads and increasing conversion.

Build Credibility

The more information you provide on a site, the more credible your site will appear to visitors.  You can focus on developing a unique online user experience that’s powered by robust, real-time local information from Onboard.

Your clients will become a destination for research and decision-making support when your solution is backed by a world of local information.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the tools you can use to build out effective solutions, contact Ira Monko at imonko@onboardinformatics.com

Image Credit: Frédéric BISSON on Flickr.com