5 Ways your Local Landing Pages can boost SEO


With more than ninety-two percent of buyers using the internet in some way during their home search process, thinking through your real estate SEO search strategy is critical for success. To begin mastering SEO, check out these five ways local landing pages can boost SEO:

Enhancing your Keyword Strategy

Local landing pages can help reinforce geographic keywords (keywords based on location).  What that means is when someone searches “insurance” or “home insurance” along with a geography like city (Phoenix), state (Minnesota) or neighborhood (Upper West Side), your brand will move up higher in the search engine because of all the local pages you’ve created.

As you build out localized landing pages, you can reinforce and replicate those geographic keywords on potentially million of pages.  They’ll be in titles, descriptors, and throughout the copy on the page.

Even if you’re a national property insurance company, your local knowledge and presence will come through in online searches.

Providing Substantive, Unique Content

Pages with duplicate or static content don’t help your site in search results. Search engines reward those sites with unique copy.  If you have pages tied to your domain that contain locally relevant content, it will help your brand rank higher in search results.

Local landing pages can display that unique content that helps your brand rank higher in major search engines.

Enabling an Interconnected, Robust Experience

If you interlink your local landing pages with various geographic boundaries, you’ll boost your rankings in search even more because the pages won’t look like “dead ends” when they’re searched by Google.  The geographies from Onboard are interrelated and will therefore relate to each other across site URLs based on geography for each page.

This means that the landing page doesn’t just serve as a way to funnel traffic in, but rather is a conduit for a larger online experience.

Automating Real-Time Content Updates

The local information that fuels your landing pages is provided via API.  So the information is real-time and updated automatically.  Not only does that mean you will have the latest, most accurate local information possible, but it also means that your content will updated frequently.  Fresh, relevant content is another component on websites rewarded by major search engines like Google. So having this content automatically updated will further help your search results.

Optimizing your Search Engine Friendliness

When Local Landing Pages are built with structured schema data such as Onboard’s, your website gains the maximum SEO benefits. Schemas power rich, extensible experiences and are both sponsored and easily crawlable by Google, so when Google bots measure your on-page usability and experience, your content is already optimized, therefore enhancing your overall search engine rank.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how local landing pages can help your business, contact Kate Latas at klatas@onboardinformatics.com

Photo Credit: Johny Blaze at Flicker.com