5 Tips to Capture More Leads from Your Site


Lead Generation is an integral part to any business and there are many ways to go about it.  One common and cost effective way to capture and qualify your leads is through your company website.  Here are five easy ways you can capture more leads: 1)  Provide Value by asking What’s in it For Me?

first tip

When developing the flow of your site, provide value in exchange for contact information.  So view your site as a visitor and ask yourself “what’s in it for me?”

As soon as they start looking at something specific, it should prompt an option to save the search.  This is a valuable function of your site and it provides something to them (the ability to save a search) before asking anything from them (their contact information).

Bottom line, ask for their information early in the  process but not without providing value first.  Always ask: “what’s in it for me.”

2) Ask Only for What You Need

tip 2

When thinking about what information to ask for, remember - there is a trade-off between the number of fields and conversion.  Typically, the less fields the higher the conversion.  However, the less fields can also mean less qualified leads.    What’s more important to you may depend on whether you’re in mortgage, real estate, insurance, or technology solutions.  Do you want more leads you can nurture to fulfillment or is more important to you to have fewer qualified leads?

Figure out the answer that works the best for your business and make sure your online lead capture forms achieve the results you need.

3)  Put your Form Above the Fold

tip 3

Placing the form above the fold will typically generate higher conversions than the bottom of the page.    It also makes it clear what you want your visitor to do on your site.  Don’t  give them a million options.  If you want your website to be a lead generation engine for your company, then create a clear path to conversion.

4) Don’t Submit

tip 4

Having “submit” as a call to action is a great way to lose traffic.  If you change your call to action from “submit” to nearly anything else, you will raise your conversion rates by an average of 4.5%.

5) Provide Clear Instructions

tip 5

Have clear instructions on what you what the customer to do.  Speak to their inner voice.  It will be more conversational and convincing.  In this example above, using the word “my” instead of “your” saw a 90% increase in click-through rate.   So you can almost double the number of leads you convert by saying: “get my property report today” instead of “get your property report today.”

Next week, I’ll discuss some effective ways to nurture leads once they provide their information.

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