5 minute lunch


There are times when "from scratch" isn't happening. Here's one of my FAVORITE five minute lunches full of bright flavors and Middle Eastern flair. ALL items courtesy of Trader Joe's. Ingredients: 1- package frozen Rice Medley, heated, room temp or cold 1- cup of Joe's Balela 1- veggie burger, pan fried OR microwaved 1/3 cup black lentils a few tablespoons of Tzatziki OR plain yogurt

Possible Embellishments: fresh squeezed lemon juice chopped vegetables:red and yellow peppers, yellow onion, carrot, cucumber, wilted kale/greens,mint Serve it up: On a nice big plate, layer:

  • Rice Medley
  • Balela and lentils
  • Other embellishments
  • Plain yogurt OR Tzatziki
  • Veggie burger

Grab a can of C2O coconut water, pop it open. Nourish yourself. Eat up. Enjoy.

You'll feel satisfied (and awesome) for the rest of the day.

Image Credit: Wikipedia