4th of July: the most 'equality-striving' states

In the patriotic spirit of the Fourth of July and with the recent news of DOMA being overturned, we dove into our Consumer Behavior data to take a look at opinions and trends of the most and least 'progressive' states in terms of striving for equality.The states most "in favor of equality for all" as per the survey were The District of Columbia (we’ll just say it’s a state to make this easy), California, New Mexico, New York, and Hawaii. In contrast, the states with respondents least in favor of equality for all were Tennessee, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Indiana. In true American fashion, the meaning of equality can range greatly. Let's look at it in terms of marriage equality. Three-fifths of our most equality-seeking states currently have same sex marriage legalized. This includes The District of Columbia (still saying it’s a state), California, and New York. Hawaii has legalized civil unions and New Mexico currently has no legislation on the matter.

The five states on the polar opposite end of the spectrum have a reflecting trend. Three-fifths of the 'less in favor of equality for all' states have constitutional bans on same sex marriage including Tennessee, South Dakota, and Kentucky. Additionally, Indiana has no legislation on the matter, just like New Mexico. New Hampshire, however, seems to be the exception to this trend. Being one of the five states least in favor of equality for all, New Hampshire currently has same-sex marriage in tact.

The Consumer Behavior data set is an interesting for measuring how opinions, attitudes, and habits vary by state. While you watch the fireworks and eat off the grill this weekend, be proud to belong to The Land of the Free. Happy Fourth of July!

Image Credit: Wikipedia