3 Ways to Personalize your Marketing in Real Estate (Yes...you can Steal These)


More people are talking about the importance of personalization in marketing.  Here at Onboard we’ve explored using personalization on websites, CRM systems, and creating loyalty in the age of the Internet. Here are three creative examples of how you can start to personalize your efforts.   These simple changes can yield big results.  Marketers see an average increase of 20% when they personalize online and mobile experiences.

Here are three ideas to start.

Email based on TIME

It’s easy to log when a customer fills out a lead form or joins your database.   Use that to set up quarterly or annual anniversary emails.  These are a great way to stay in contact with former clients and increase the likelihood they will return to you when they’re ready to refinance or purchase their next home.  It’s also a great way to reach back out to those who have never done business with you, but might appreciate your personal touch.

Personalized email exampel

Social Updates based on LOCATION

You and your real estate team are area experts– right?  Have your team take a minute and write down 100 tips about their area.  Perhaps a specific bakery has the best cookies or a certain laundry mat has 24-hour service.  Maybe the  YMCA offers free playtime for toddlers on Saturday afternoons or complimentary music classes.  Write down your tips and schedule them for the next year.  Every few days, you’ll automatically post “daily tips” about your area to those living and working there.  These tips will keep you top-of-mind and make sure you come across as relate-able and knowledgeable.

Social media posts don’t always have to be about listings.  This is an easy way to establish credibility within your community.


Ongoing alerts based on DATA

DIY tactics are great, but sometimes relying on a turnkey solution can lead to a faster path to revenue.   Using services that offer automatic nurturing based on local and property data can also keep you in front of prospects and customers, without the time of cultivating that content.  AddressReport is an engagement system that automatically sends alerts to your database when things change in an area or property of interest.

AddressReport Alert

No matter how you start to personalize your content, adding that element to your outreach will yield better results.  If you have any questions about personalization in marketing, simply fill out the form below.