The new Google algorithm: 3 changes that you should be making


In Google’s largest algorithm update since 2001, many publications such as Forbes and Wired surprisingly claim that no alarming changes were made. While this is true for those who've been using Google+ and have already been providing quality content (Google’s new algorithm focus), for some companies this update could be a challenge. Below are the three main changes you should be making to your future SEO strategy and efforts as a result of the recent Google update.

    1. Break bad habits: The new Google algorithm focuses on content. What this means is that it’s not about how many keywords you can come up or how many links you can integrate into any one webpage. Conversely, these practices will backfire on you as of now. As Google sees it, when a page has too many keywords, there’s no definite purpose for the page, and therefore the page is not cohesive and probably doesn’t provide quality content. As for placing as many links as possible, Google interprets this as the page not being positive about where the traffic should go or where the traffic wants to go. In short, simplifying and fine-tuning the keywords and links on your pages will increase the validity.
    2. Google+ #Hashtags: If you've been postponing on implementing Google+, now’s the time to catch up. Before the recent Hummingbird update it was known that a brand’s +1’s on Google+ influenced that brand’s internet authority and, in turn, it’s Google ranking. Now, Google’s traffic can (and will) search with the use of hashtags. Not only does Google now allow this, it encourages it by displaying popular Google+ posts on the right side bar containing the searched hashtags.
    3. Content Marketing: Connecting your potential traffic with engaging, relevant, and interesting content is what the Hummingbird update is really all about. As opposed to a few matching keywords being the main driver for Google’s rank and opinion of your webpage’s validity, the paradigm has shifted to the page’s overall meaning being the main SEO driver. A great opportunity from this implementation is that you could use it to be seen as a thought leader while driving traffic back to your site. By doing so, you create engagement, credibility, and even loyalty. One of the best purposes of Onboard Informatics’ market-leading products is to provide quality content that will undoubtedly engage and convert your leads. Read on to learn more about how you can enhance your SEO strategy.

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