24 Ways to Splurge with $500 Essay Contest Cash Prize


untitledLifestyle Search Essay Contest

The topic:

Imagine the real estate search of the future and tell us about it.

One of the things we're very interested in is what Lifestyle Search means, and what it enables for the industry.  We want to know your thoughts and your vision for what Lifestyle Search is.  So we want to have some fun, offer fabulous cash prizes [ED: Er, cash prize - singular - think of the economy man!], and see what the other minds in real estate think of the concept.

There's no length requirement.  Either email us the link to your blog or website, or email us the essay (in Word or .txt format) to mmurphy@onboardinformatics.comand we'll post it here on the OnBlog.

ESSAY ENTRY DEADLINE:   5:00 PM EST Friday, January 30th

JUDGING: Monday, Feb-9   to   Monday Feb-16 (We will let the readers of OnBlog do the judging and post their votes throughout the week)

THE PRIZE:   $500 American Express GIFTCARD

FORTUNE: What can you buy with $500? 24 Great Splurges

Look sharp. Get away from it all. Hang with Tony Soprano? $500 buys more than you think.
By Kate Bonamici, FORTUNE reporter

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons