VIDEO: Homeowner Information

This week we hosted a webinar on owner information.  We explored what can you do with homeowner information and how you get it.

What Kind of Data do we have on owners?

We have a large coverage set on owner information if you are searching by properties.  It includes the owner name – whether it is a single person or a company, if they live at the home, and their mailing address.

How do companies use this information?

  1. Mail Marketing – If you are sending direct mail and want to narrow your outreach to a neighborhood or zip code and want to target home-owners specifically, you can do that with this data.
  2. Mailing Lists – If you are offering marketing solutions, you can sell mailing lists along with your current offering.
  3. Verification – You can verify if a person is the owner of a property online or in person.

How can I Access this information?

First, go to the Onboard Developer Platform and sign up for a free account.  Before you dig into details on owners, start your search on properties on a given area or by characteristics.  

Once you plug in your search parameters you will pull back IDs on properties that meet those requirements.   After you run that search, it will show a unique identifier for that property.  All you need to do to search the owner data is insert that ID.

When you plug in the ID, you will get back details on the property as well as the first and last name of the owner or owners of that property.

Are there other ways to get owner information?

Yes.  You can also use our match and append services to augment lists or databases you have today.  If APIs don’t work for your processes, this is a nice alternative.

If you are building a mailing list, as an example, and have a CSV file of addresses, you can send that to Onboard and we can append the owner names to those addresses.

Where is this information coming from?

The owner information originates from the deed records from the county. 

Do you have phone numbers or emails?

It is not something we have on our platform, but we have clients that are getting the owner information from us and then using other services to add other contact information like phone and email from another source.

For more information, watch the video above or reach out to us at