The top 5 things you can you do with owner data

Onboard Informatics has the first and last name of every property owner in the country.  What can businesses do with this data?  Plenty.

1.  Target new homeowners

If you have a product or service that appeals to new homeowners (hello remodeling, furniture, hardware, and communications companies) - this is a great data source for your company.  Simply get the name and address of every new homeowner in your zip code, neighborhood, state, or city on a monthly basis for direct marketing campaigns.

If you see a better response rate with the new homeowners than with the population at large, this is an easy, fast, and effective way to target.

2.  Augment your Direct Mail or Marketing Services

If you are an advertising agency, direct mail house, or marketing solutions company, you can resell this valuable information to your clients.  Sell lists of homeowners within a specific demographic or simply combine that with other marketing products or services you already offer.  It's an easy up-sell and an added value for your customers.

3.  Verify homeowners

If you are using digital marketing to generate home sellers, you can verify that a specific user owns a certain home instantly by checking the address and name against a robust database.  If you offer a tool or solution behind a wall and want to ensure the information being entered is accurate, this is an easy, effective way to do it.  

4.  Target home sellers

This goes back to targeting (see #1) - but you can also target home-owners who are about to move.  This would be great for moving and storage companies.  Because you know they are going through a big life event, you can target your messaging to these consumers specifically and get a better response rate.

5.  Augment existing leads

If you have a list of contacts or leads in your system, you can match those leads to property they may own and the mortgage on that property.  This gives you a lot more information on each individual and you can better segment and target those leads to achieve your business objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use owner data, join our webinar tomorrow at 2:00.  Register for the free webinar below. Even if you can't join us, register and we'll send you a complimentary copy of the recording.